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Self check-in is possible for guest's who pre-paid their reservation online for Södermalm and Skarpnäck unit.

Instructions for self check-in will be sent the same day that you check in by SMS and E-mail.

The message will contain the access code for the entrance to the hotel and a room number, the door to your room will be unlocked and the key on top of the table of your room.

Important: All guests and visitors are required to posses and show a valid ID with photo upon request from our staff and security.

The request may not be done specifically at check-in but can be made at any given time by our plain-clothes security who will identify themselves.
We operate this way both for security and convenience purposes. 

Note: If your reservation was made thru, they will send you a 4-digit pin code, this is not the code for the hotel entrance, the code will be sent specifically by SMS and by e-mail with our identification

Only the unit in Sundbyberg offers parking


Only the unit in Södermalm offers breakfast as for now.

We do! we have a range of alternatives for long-stay, from apartments to hotelrooms, to check availability and rates, please contact us thru

We do provide early check-in if a room/apartment is available, you will be notified by e-mail if this option is available for your reservation

1) You must be 18 years old to book a room.

2) A valid ID document with photo is mandatory.

3) We do not accept cash or swish.

4-) The rooms have a maximum capacity, to know the maximum capacity of a specific reservation, please contact us by e-mail.

The restriction is there for safety reasons, ignoring this restriction may result in eviction without right for refund.

5) Smoking and drugs inside and near the hotel are strictly prohibited and are punishable.

6) From 22:00 to 08:00 is especially important not to disturb other guests.

7) Rooms are cleaned prior to your arrival but will not be cleaned during your stay, it is your responsibility to keep your room and anything else you use clean.

8) City Living Hotel works actively with security with 24-hour surveillance, plainclothes security personnel, routine inspections and the police authority. However, we do not take responsibility for your personal belongings.

9) Pets are not allowed in the hotel.

10) Cancellations for bookings made thru our website must be made no later than 14:00 and 24 hours before the check-in date via e-mail Enter the following information:

The name of the person who booked:



11) All customers must behave in accordance with the hotel rules and is responsible for compensation in case of any damage, carelessness or disturbance caused. The customer responsible for the booking is also the one responsible for the actions of their visitors. City Living Stockholm AB has the legal right to refuse a booking from one or more guests that is considers unsuitable as our guest.

We do offer layover stay, please send us an e-mail in advance to for information and pricing.

Check-in time 

Skarpnäck: 14:00

Tre små rum söder: 15:00

Umami Sundbyberg: 15:00


Check-out time

Skarpnäck: 11:00

Tre små rum Söder: 11:30

Umami Sundbyberg: 11:30

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